note•wor•thy (nöt'wûr'thë )

Deserving notice or attention; notable: Attracting notice as being unusual or extraordinary. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

The Note•Wor•thy Band

“A collaboration of diverse musicians, inspired by the spirituality of music” NoteWorthy’s style is a fusion of old-school and new, and appeals to a wide spectrum of tastes. Whether they are playing a bluesy rendition of a classic hit or an original creation, NoteWorthy keeps it RAW, INTENSE and REAL.

"This is the new face of the blues" Cathy "Diva" Davis; Detroit, MI

"You and your group are truly outstanding musicians.  I was totally blown away.  You are blessed with a fantastic voice and a great stage presence. I hope I have the opportunity to hear you perform again.    Did you have a CD because I am first in line for that!!! Thank you for a truly wonderful evening." Mark F. Nolte; Philadelphia, PA

Where we've played (and love):


Join NoteWorthy at the summer 2010 festivals:

Idlewild Music Fest
July 9-10

Chelsea SummerFest
July 31, 8pm